COMS 3157 Advanced Programming

Lab 0 (50 points)

Due Sep 8 Thursday, 11:59pm

  1. Subscribe to the cs3157 listserv (see link for directions). Please do so by Sep 6 Tuesday, 11:59pm (first day of classes) or as soon as possible; important announcements will be made through listserv.

  2. Read the following two documents:

  3. Send me (John, not the listserv) an email containing:

    • Subject: “[3157] hw0-UNI”
      • Without quotes, single space before “hw0”, “UNI” replaced with your actual UNI in lower case.
    • Your name, major, school program, and class year
      • e.g., John Hui, Music + Computer Science, Columbia College, class of 2018
    • Your pledge (see honesty policies, from above)
    • CS classes taken and/or other programming background
    • Optional: anything else you want to let me know about yourself
    • Optional: attach a picture of you, but please reduce image file size to about 100KB
  4. Get the textbooks, and start reading K&R chapters 1, 2, 3, 4