About Your CLAC account

All registered students will receive an account on CLAC, which is an Ubuntu Linux server instance running on Google Cloud Platform. All homework assignments in this class will be submitted and graded on CLAC.

What (and what not) to use your CLAC account for

Your account is for you and only you.

  • NEVER give your password to someone else.
  • NEVER let someone else log into your account.

Your account is only for AP-related coursework.

  • Do not use this account for anything outside of AP, though you are welcome (and encouraged) to use your account for experimenting with things you learn in this course.

Be mindful of the resources you use.

  • Do not use more storage than you need to do lab assignments and coursework-related experiments.
  • Do not store large files unrelated to the course.
  • If your lab code starts consuming an unexpectedly large amount of CPU time or memory, and you are unable to stop it on your own, email the TA listserv immediately so we can mitigate any interruption to your classmates as quickly as possible.

Violations of the rules above will result in your account being disabled. This will prevent you from submitting your homework, which will result in you receiving a zero on all labs due while your account is suspended.

That said, you will be fine as long as you’re just using your account to do AP coursework and related work. Please do not hesitate to ask the teaching staff if you are unsure whether you are allowed to do something.

Troubleshooting login issues

If you have trouble logging into CLAC:

  • Try using our password reset tool.
  • “Connection refused” errors can be caused by too many failed logins. Wait 15 minutes before trying again.
  • Email the TA listserv if problems persist.